Low energies and inbound response

The state of coherence is easily achievable provided that there is a “medium” that allows the oscillators to “communicate” with each other. One of the many examples can be seen at “https://you.be/u73T3FZp7kg” where 32 metronomes are randomly oscillated (with different phases) but at the same frequency; after about 4 minutes they will all oscillate in phase. This is possible because the metronomes are all resting on a shelf that can swing too. It is precisely the shelf that “communicates” to all the metronomes what the common phase of synchronization must be. Using the analogy of “self-synchronizing” metronomes, in the universe the vacuum (quantum vacuum, not classical) is the “mobile support” that allows the self-synchronization of everything that exists in the universe (if prefers, the “sea” on which the existing “floats”). In living beings, the “shelf” consists of water.

Amplification requires coherence because the tuning is not enough. Achieving the state of coherence allows ordered (antientropic) and non-dispersive energy exchanges. If we had momentarily the possibility of eliminating the disordered and disordering “high energies”, we would perceive a world made up of a multitude of oscillations of every kind able to mutually exchange orderly and ordering “low energies”. The world of low energies manifests itself harmonious and cooperative compared to that of high energies that rewards competition and disharmony. Oscillations at different frequencies (obviously not multiple of π) allow in the same place and simultaneous but not overlapping energy exchanges.

The physics of Newton and Galileo teaches us that the motion of a body can only be changed by a force external to the body (principle of inertia). Who could have imparted the initial external force capable of animating “in principle” the bodies of the universe? As you can see, there is not much difference between classical physicists and men of faith !! The quantum physicists who agree to drop the statement n. 3 of Bell, arguing that physical reality does not necessarily have to be describable as a set of events located in space-time and thus overcoming the principle of inertia accepts that bodies can “self-animate”. Seemingly quantum physics would be able to do without God, unless we transform the God “external to bodies” into a “God within bodies” capable of self-animating them; in this sense, the statement: “God is in heaven, on earth and everywhere” would be better specified: “God is in heaven, on earth and in every body … .. within them”. Transcendence “invades” even immanence by understanding it “.

The German physiologists Weber and Feckner have enunciated a law according to which the response to a stimulus is not proportional to the intensity of the stimulus, but to the logarithm of the stimulus. This means that if the stimulus is less than 1, the logarithm becomes negative, that is, the response to the stimulus becomes negative but, even worse, the smaller the stimulus, the more its response tends to minus infinite! What does “negative response” mean? It means “inbound” rather than “outbound” (not to be confused with implosion vs explosion). In low-energy physics it would seem that low stimulus, instead of generating external and destructive effects, would generate “mutant”, “constructive”, “ordained” inner effects. Genetic mutations? I do not know, but it is certain that the lower the energies are at stake, the larger the “constructive mutations” (constructive in the sense of Prigogine, that is, antientropic). Those working in the field of electromagnetic waves argue that the energies involved are minimal and therefore harmless. According to the logarithmic law, precisely because they are very low they could have very big effects !! The old phones needed a lot of (high) energy and warmed the ear, but it was a “harmless” and weak “outbound” response. Is not that now that they consume less they can have a strong “inbound” response?

Turin (Italy)

Gianfranco Pellegrini


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