The water “knows”

We have seen that in the sequences of millions of biochemical reactions it is fundamental that the processes are extremely fast and “almost” error free. We have also seen that to justify the existence of these conditions are the water coherence domains and the quantum electrodynamic theorem of Preparata.

Considering that over 99%(1) of our molecules are of water, how come when we are alive we show a certain solid consistency? Evidently because the molecules of water when they are in our body are linked to each other more than they are the same water molecules collected in a container. Evidently for the living beings and the rest of nature, even if the chemistry of water is the same, the physics of water is different. “Inorganic” water is “incoherent” while “organic” water is “coherent”. By becoming part of a living being, water self-organizes itself in a coherent way and thus succeeds, in addition to becoming more “consistent”, above all to generate a type of “information” of a particular type and responsible for the subsistence of life and evolution. Perhaps it is appropriate to better investigate the concept of “information”. Computers are inanimate objects that need electricity and “information” to operate. They are therefore incapable of self-functioning autonomously because they need continuous electricity and very detailed instructions(2). Furthermore, the computer to operate needs input and is not able to act spontaneously. The input must be very precise or it goes wrong. If I ask a robot to bring me the “balle”, he does not understand that I meant “ball” and he does not give it to me but he replies to repeat it because he has not understood. In the case of systems able to self-animate (such as water), this is not true, which is why we must not misunderstand the concept of “information”. To better clarify this concept I find it important to remember the famous experiment “water and DNA” performed by the Nobel Prize winner for medicine Luc Montagnier.The DNA in its activity emits electromagnetic signals. By providing these signals to a container filled with water containing elements of DNA and enzymes that activate the composition, the DNA forms spontaneously. Montagnier, after collecting DNA electromagnetic signals from a Paris laboratory, transmitted these signals to a Benevento laboratory in which there was a test tube containing distilled water, DNA components and enzymes. Due to the distilled water, these electromagnetic signals allowed the formation of the same DNA in Paris at Benevento. In this case the definition of “information” according to the computer theory is improper because the intrinsic information content (ie the wealth of the electromagnetic signal sent) is very small compared to the complexity of the DNA.

This means that water, starting from the little information received from the electromagnetic signal, is able to learn and transfer (without any external input) the amount of additional information necessary to allow the formation of DNA. We should therefore use the term “knowledge” rather than the term “information” and water rather than “informed” is “educated”.It’s like when at a concert the singer mentions the first notes of a song and the audience begins to sing it without having had the need to be sung from beginning to end. So the water: just give it the note “A” and builds itself the whole sequence of biochemical reactions or, even is able to make new ones (so, as well as “know” “create”). All this would explain not only the subsistence of life, but also its evolution(3).

One might think of using this water improperly called “informed” for therapeutic purposes; that is, to give to a human being in which his network of signals is “damaged”, in whole or in part, a sample of water that contains all the signals so that these signals restart the whole mechanism. The fact is, however, that these signals interact in an environment that already has its signals (“damaged” or not) that can therefore interact positively or not with new signals introduced. This would explain why these are non-deterministic processes(4). These are “advice” rather than “commands” and as “advice”, they can be accepted or not by the environment.

The sequence of biochemical reactions occurs only if the phase concordance is reached (ie the coincidence of the oscillation frequencies of the reagents is reached) while the amount of energy exchanged is irrelevant and if it were too much it would become harmful because it would lead to the modification of the oscillation frequencies risking to lose the phase concordance expected and thus disrupting the correct sequence of biochemical reactions(5).

In order for the process to be optimal, it is necessary that the energy flows are lower than those that could generate phase discrepancy or, in other words, the temperature must not rise too much, generating variations that exceed the tolerance of phase concordance. It is evident that we are dealing with completely different mechanisms from those occurring at high energies. Here, with the low energies, the “principle of the minimum stimulus” applies. Therapeutically the stimulus is all the more effective the less intense it is(6).

Turin (Italy)

Gianfranco Pellegrini

(1)    It is true that by measuring the percentage by weight the percentage of water is only 60/70% but this because the organic molecules are much heavier than those of water, but if we reason in terms of the number of molecules the percentage of water molecules just reaches over 99%. If we consider that for example sea water is a 96% solution, we discover that the human body is a very diluted aqueous solution.

(2)    Let’s take a practical example. If we want a computer to draw a parabola on the screen I have to use an advanced programming language (Pascal, C, Fortran, Java, etc.) that allows you to write a list of instructions that allow you to draw a parabola from a certain number of data input with the keyboard. Any instruction used by the programming language consists in turn of a list of elementary instructions that transform a sequence of “1” and “0” (true or false). E.g. the programming in “Assembler” is very close to the so-called “machine language”, ie the programming through the use of a sequence of “1” and “0”. Those who are familiar with Boolean algebra know that every complex logical expression can be simplified in a sequence of elementary conditions (“true” / “false”) linked by parentheses and logical operators “and” and “or”. It is enough that an instruction is missing or it is incorrect and the computer instead of drawing a parabola goes wrong. In the same way, if the computer does not receive one or more keyboard inputs, it certainly does not draw the parabola. Finally, if the computer is not electrically powered it is not able to operate.

(3)    That is, if there should be further possibilities (eg new molecules), the process can go on in new directions and this explanes how evolution takes place over time. The process of evolution is not a closed but open process.

(4)   The example is that of many things written in this blog: if they come to the attention of some followers maybe they are rejected, while if they come to the attention of other followers they are accepted. In the same way, the electromagnetic signals coming from outside can find environments containing other “confused” signals that “accept” the new external signals and other environments that reject them.The studies done by Benveniste on the memory of water, have failed to demonstrate the goodness of the experiments precisely because of their non-repeatability (the so-called Galilean method). His theories (which, among other things, have led to the development of homeopathy), even after having studied them in depth, have not convinced me, nevertheless context the fact that they were rejected for the sole fact that they did not guarantee repeatability.

(5)    In case of excess of energy it leads to an increase in body temperature (fever). At the microscopic level it means that as a form of protection, the surplus of energy rather than generating greater oscillation frequencies generates greater thermal agitation (faster movements of the molecules).

(6)    For more details on this point see my previous articles “Low energies and inbound response” and “The soft energy”.


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