The “principle of minimum stimulus”(1)

Returning to the topics of the blog we had clarified that in the interactions between the electromagnetic radiation and the water molecules present in living matter, the “principle of minimum stimulus” requires that excess energy is not only useless, but even penalizing. From the time of Marconi and Bell to today the earth’s atmosphere has been increasingly flooded with electromagnetic waves of various frequencies. It is a common opinion that the electromagnetic signals of our instruments can not be harmful because they have a low energy content; the principle of minimum stimulus would seem to indicate the exact opposite: they could be particularly harmful precisely because they are not very energetic !!! Certainly the electromagnetic signals were too intense(2) they would generate intolerable temperature increases for the living organism. The first mobile phones placed on the market, in addition to heating the ear so annoying, were also harmful to human health. Today’s cell phones do not heat up and do not bother the ear because they receive low-intensity signals: are we sure they are not harmful(3)?Having clarified that the mechanisms of chemical interaction depend on phase concordances, there is another topic that consolidates the hypothesis of “low energies” (small doses). Recently it has been discovered that all so-called “therapeutic waters”(4) (ie, waters which appear to have beneficial effects on health) are characterized by a high number of nano-aggregates(5). Recent experiments have shown that close to walls containing oscillating electric charges, a phase concordance can be generated between the “almost-free” electrons of the water coherence domains and the oscillating surface charges which gives rise to an extended common consistency that is activate at the same frequency as the oscillating surface charges present in the wall(6). Since the “almost-free” water electrons in the coherence domains have the property of being able to oscillate at many different frequencies, they assume the same frequency as the oscillating surface charges which thus becomes a coherent signal. The surface walls may also consist of the external surfaces of electrically charged granules dispersed in the water. In this way the effect of the oscillating surface charges, rather than having it in the border areas as in the case of containers containing the water, it is homogeneously distributed throughout the volume occupied by the water. This effect is secondary and is added to the pre-existing consistency in the water, stabilizing it, making it totally coherent and all oscillating(7) at the same frequency as the charges oscillating in the surface of the granules.In light of the above, many phenomena that were previously incomprehensible now become clearer. For example the activity of dowsers becomes understandable. Meanwhile, it should be noted that dowsers can not detect stagnant or with laminar flow, but only water with turbulent or swirling flow. If a dowser were asked to detect the flow of water circulating in a radiant floor heating system, he would not notice anything because the flow into the pipes is laminar. This is a fairly unknown fact but that the dowsers know very well. The reason lies in the fact that the static charges (present in stagnant water) and those that move at a constant speed (continuous currents present in the laminar flow) do not generate any electromagnetic field. The dowsers are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic fields and detect those generated by the vortices that “transmit” the water to oscillate in phase with said electromagnetic fields. The first vortexes communicate to the water the frequency of oscillation that is transmitted to all the rest of the water (even to that which is not subject to the vortexes). A lot of research is underway and they focus on the principles that activate the living matter and they focus on the relationships between matter and psyche. In the future it will probably be possible to find therapeutic actions of an exclusively psychic way. For example, suppose that the coherent oscillations of water correspond to what we call “emotions”. At that point, if you manage to govern these oscillations in order to produce particular emotions that give rise to well-defined molecular attractions, we could think of healing diseases no longer with drugs (even those homeopathic), but with the “miracles” , that is, with emotional phenomena that give rise to well-defined beneficial oscillations for the living organism(8).

Gianfranco Pellegrini

Turin (Italy)

(1)    On the “principle of minimum stimulus”, see my previous article dated July,28 2018 “Everything fluctuates”; for further information, see the studies of Eva Reich and those of Margherita Tosi.

(2)    Waves do not carry matter but carry energy. The energy carried by the waves is proportional to the square of the wave intensity.

(3)    The doubt is that they can interact unpredictably disturbing phase concordances, destroying the coherence domains and varying some of the syntony frequencies that guarantee correct biochemical reactions. This could modify the sequences of biochemical reactions leading to reactions (or reaction sequences) different from those expected (for example, carcinogenic evolutions, genetic mutations, biological evolution, …).

(4)    The French scientist L. C. Vincent, one of the leading experts in bioelectronics and orthomolecular medicine, was commissioned by the French government in 1956 to justify the different incidence of cancer in the various regions of France; his research has shown that there is a relationship between cancer incidence and quality of drinking water supply; in this case, the cities with the lowest incidence of tumors used water with physical / chemical characteristics very different from those related to the cities with the highest incidence of disease. Later, in 1972, Vincent carried out an experiment on saliva and urine of over 60,000 French and German cancer patients, opening the way for the study of biological soil with an energetic approach. From these studies has emerged the importance of hydrating the body not only in abundance, but above all with water of excellent “physiological” quality. Water has always been considered fundamental for the health of the body. Various waters are considered therapeutic as eg. the thermal waters, the waters considered sacred (of Lourdes, of the Ganges), the healing waters like those drunk by particularly long-lived populations like the Hunza (see studies on the part by the Nobel, H. Coanda). However, despite popular beliefs and historical evidence, scientific studies have so far failed to prove the veracity of such beliefs. In any case, we will return later on this topic and we will talk about the many recent studies in progress on these topics.

(5)    The nano-aggregates may consist of water molecules “physically aggregated” to each other in coherence domains, or from other molecules, or even from the set of the two.

(6)    The frequency of activation of the extended common coherence can not be that of the oscillating superficial charges, because they are the only ones that can not change; on the contrary, as we have seen previously, the frequency of the “almost free” electrons of the coherence domains changes. This topic will be better explored when we deal with the themes of “interfacial water”, of the “exclusion zone” and of the vortices.

(7)    For greater precision it is better to say that it is the “almost free” electrons of the water that oscillate at the same frequency as the oscillating surface charges.

(8)    For rational people, the irrational topics are that which has not yet had a rational explanation, and therefore the true researcher, if he is rational and if he wants to be a true researcher, must necessarily investigate exclusively in the field of the irrational (which for him is only temporarily irrational waiting for him and other rationals like him not to become rational; for irrational people, on the contrary, the irrational corresponds to the impossible). Usually, rational people, in front of phenomena considered irrational, go to seek maliciously a scam starting from the preconception that underneath there is a scam; way they do not study these phenomena thinking that they are not yet understood and, once understood, will they no longer be considered irrational?


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