The soft energy

In English two different words are used to distinguish rispectively the scalar velocity from the vectorial velocity; in fact they call the first “speed” and the second “velocity”. I draw inspiration from this consideration to emphasize that so that there is no change (forces, variations of energy), it is not enough that the “speed” remains unchanged, it is also necessary that the “velocity” remains constant. Just change the direction or the angle of motion, even if the “speed” remains unchanged. In the uniform circular motion the speed is constant while the velocity is not. A point that oscillates between one and the other extremes points of a segment (even imagining that at the extreme instantaneous steps from “speed” + v to “speed” -v or vice versa) is another example. So the circular motions, the oscillating ones and, more generally all the periodic motions, even when the “speed” remains constant, generate change.

In nature there are two manifestations of energy that coexist and manifest themselves in every place and in every situation: a first form that I would call “strong” and a second form that I would call “soft”. The first one is able to “move” una tantum a large “energy packages” in a short time, while the second “displaces” small “energy packages” repeatedly (cyclically) and continuously. The first one, due to its characteristics, can only be “exoteric” while the latter is more “esoteric”.

The “strong” energy, to manifest itself spontaneously, needs a “Δ” of any kind (pressure, height, temperature) to the point that one could say: “give me a” Δ “and I will lift the world” (*) and not necessarily must be cyclic. I call it “strong” because the energy generated by combustion (and more ine generaly, exothermical chemical reactions), the nuclear energy, the energy generated by a hydraulic turbine or a wind turbine, or that generated by wave motion, by catastrophic events. (volcanoes, earthquakes, meteorite falls, etc.) are all forms of “violent”, “destructive”, “entropic” energy.

At the same time a form of less visible and “delicate” energy is always present and, even when it sometimes is defined as “destructive”, at most it reduces its effect to zero but in general it is always, at least partially “constructive” and, above all, antientropic. This form of energy is the only one able to well explain the energy exchanges related to biology, life, evolution and, to my modest opinion, more generally also to other aspects of social, psychological, etc.

It is also the only form of energy that is independent of the space-time “cage”, admitting also phenomena not necessarily linked to the cause-effect chain.

This second form of “soft” energy is well known to scientists involved in quantum mechanics and, more specifically, quantum electrodynamics. It is time to “clear it” and make it known to everyone.

Turin (Italy)

Gianfranco Pellegrini

(*) According to the legend Archimedes of Syracuse said: “Give me a lever and I will raise the world”.


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