Goodmorning everyone,

I decided to create this blog in order to share with you the results of the studies I have been doing for more than 20 years on the water in all its manifestations. To begin with, I would like to share three key words that are fundamental to me for what I will share with you:

– awareness

– clairvoyance

– holism

The word awareness, at least in Italy, is very abused so much that it has lost much of its meaning. Awareness is a very important fact that must generate in us a sense of immense amazement so that we can make significant progress in knowledge. When in the Christian texts it uses the word “effatà” (the ears open) we want to signify that we have a sudden illumination so important that we change ourselves. The awareness for me really wants to have this meaning.

Even the word clairvoyance, at least in Italy, has lost its original meaning and is now used to indicate the activity of magicians, sorcerers and soothsayers. For me it means instead “see clearly” free the mind from the fog and clear your ideas. It is clear that in a process of deepening, every time we arrive at an apparent level of deepening we realize that we need to start over with a level of deeper knowledge a bit like with the Russian doll. There comes a certain level of depth in which you can also describe the profane concepts that at first seemed very complicated. This means that it is starting to become clairvoyant.

Finally, the word holism has recently begun to have such an important meaning for me. The “randomness” (the “distracted” people call it that) wanted me to be born in a place full of water sources and this convinces me that the visceral love I feel for this substance is due to that. In my university studies, “randomness” wanted me to delve into higher mathematics and quantum mechanics. Subsequently, the “randomness” always made me occupy myself at a professional level of scientific research in the thermodynamic field which is my current job. But at the hobby level I have always deepened the themes of water from all its points of view because it is in love and fascinated by it. Unknowingly I have always distinguished “living water” from the rest of the water by attributing special powers to it. In recent years, thanks to the study of water with quantum electrodynamics I entered the world of low energy and began to become aware of many phenomena that, in addition to the consequences in theoretical physics, also have in molecular biology, on the cycle of life, on evolution, in sociology, etc. I have seen the phenomena in a more and more clear way (clairvoyance) so much to see now unequivocally the close connection between inanimate and animated world and between physics and other disciplines. My vision of things and the world has become precisely holistic. This is why I feel the need to share many concepts that I have received, as well as with experts in physics such as myself, even with experts in biology, biochemistry, sociology, psychology, neuroscience… I hope with this blog to succeed!

Turin (Italy)

Gianfranco Pellegrini


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